Some pointers to keep in mind for SEO and Analytics

Online Marketing is becoming one of the most crucial part for any business, after all you want a website that can be seen by millions of users. It's required for kick starting any online application.

Online business firms are investing millions of $$ to get online marketing right but there is always something we miss out and tend to screw up things and had to start all over again. These things can be avoided if we are careful from the start. This happens mostly because analysis/analytics is not done right or SEO guys screws up the website.

Below are certain points that should be kept in mind for getting the analytics and SEO part correctly, with that said online marketing can be targeted thereafter.

1. Treat your front-page not as single page but collection of pages.

Your front-page shouldn't be a single page but you need multiple landing pages for your website. Each landing page should be targeted for particular set of audience or each campaign. We should use noindex, nofollow for search engines as these landing pages tend to change frequently and we will want not to index these pages.

<meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow”>  
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Different coding styles

We already have too many division in society and here is the division of people based on their coding style, yeah yeah i am being a codist ;)

1_brackets on the right

Egyption Dance

// Do something
2_brackets at bottom

Old school

// Do something
3_Normal People

How comparisons are made by a common progammer

if(a==0) {  
 // Do something

This is how Yoda does it !, Do you think this has any advantage, let us know in comments

if(0==a) {  
 // Do something
4_ Tabs for indentations

Lazy people!

if(condition) {  
5_ Space for indentations

Hardworking people

if(condition) {  
6_ Documenting what you are doing

People who go with the philosophy - "The code i am writing is going to be handed to a serial killer, who knows where i live."

  # The function below destroys the everything in universe 
  # For development purpose only
  # Author:: ABC
  # Reviewed by:: XYZ
  # Written on:: 2021-03-11
function destroy_universe() {  
7_ What the hell am i doing?

I don't need to write comments, my code is self-explanatory

function destroy_universe() {  
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Save money on staging servers hosted on AWS

We wanted to reduce the AWS bill, first thing we did was to reduce the number of RDS instances and create different databases in the same instance. Next we could save by moving from on-demand to reserved for ec2-instance, which would at the least reduce 30% of per hour charge. But it made sense to move into reserved instances for production servers, but not for staging servers which were used only for internal testing and development, it did not make much sense because if we check for working hours per week its average say at 10-12 hours for 5 days a weeks, which is effectively about 2.5 to 3 days a week, so we are paying 60% extra for the staging servers. To optimize this we need to build a way to remove these servers when not in use.

AWS gives us an option to stop ec2-instances which are EBS backed and will charge only for the storage, which is minimal. But each time to stop instance we cannot go to the aws console, for which aws provides varias sdks and command line tools, we choose to use aws-ec2-cli. Just by saying ec2-stop-instances <instance-id> --region <region&

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Check if number is a power of 2

The intution for this solution was when i was trying my hands on the Collatz conjecture, which basically is to get the series for a given number(n) by doing n/2 if even and 3n+1 if odd. Its found that the series always stops with the continuos sequence 4-2-1. For example consider the series for 21 would be 21-64-32-16-8-4-2-1-4-2-1.... There is no proof for this but for the largest number they could compute they found that the sequence always ends with 4-2-1. So how is this related to even power of 2, getting there, patience.

Now while thinking about the problem you find that for the series to converge to 4-2-1, odd n should either reach to 4 or 16 or 64 …, why not 8, 32 ? for n to reach 8,32 its predecessor in the series should be 7/3 or 31/3 which is not possible. So we observe that even powers of 2 can be written as 3n+1. This can be proved easily.

consider 2^(2n+2) => 4*(2^2n) => 3(2^2n) + (2^2n) => 3(2^2n) + 3*(2^(2n-2)) +.....+ 4 => 3(2^2n + 2^(2n-2) + ... + 1) + 1 =>

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What are side effects (computing)? Ever wondered about i++ and ++i output when in printfs. I know they suck !

Side Effects to me came into existence when interviewer asked me "What will be the output of printf("%d",i++ + ++i + i++ + ++i ..."

This goes to infinity :'( ) when i=5 and we continuously argued on the concepts, and the result was both of us were not aware of the concept of side effects and sequence point.

Any thing can have a side effect so be careful before using things especially in the world of computer science, We know a function or an expression return something when evaluated, but sometime instead of just returning a value, functions/expressions may modify some value ( global or static variable) like in above question each expression modifies the value of i, instead of just returning something, Now this function is said to have Side Effects and this is bad.

Though Side effects are essential to enable a program to interact with the outside world (people, filesystems, other computers on networks). Yes I know, its something like necessary evil. We will learn below how to use them effectively.

WikiPedia Quoted about side effects

A function or expression is said to have a side effect if, in addition to returning a value, it also modifies some

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What programming languages can get you hired ?

The one good thing about IT world is that opportunities never end here, Any day you can plan switching from your current job, just you need is right ingredients to mix it up in your resume. Although I am not promising that the list below will get you hired, as it also depends on you and some of the core skills like Algorithms,data structure, operating system concepts, networking etc etc. that are independent of the programming languages you code.

What is most required in IT world is specialisation in a particular technology, you must have heard the proverb “Jack of all trades, master of none” well this also holds in IT industry too, as they don’t require JACK’S, all they need is a person (Master) who has some sort of specialisation.

Below is the list of Programming Languages/Skills (You do not need to learn all of them) that can get you hired or at least act as added benefit


Maintaining its position from the start JAVA is one of the most required skill (still) in IT industries and will continue for another decade(at least), seriously you cannot beat this. Already so many of

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Inifinity Dark Conky Theme v2

After great success of Infinity conky version 1.0,that received 35000+ downloads, its my pleasure to release the second version of the Infinity Conky with dark theme.

Download Here

This theme includes some added features namely TODO List, Profile Pic and Good Fonts. Have a look

In order to install the theme follow instructions in Readme.txt

Install monofur font provided in the zip and set background also to get same look and feel. You can also geek around and create something wonderful.
I have also provided the reveng.psd file to customize the background and profile pic.

The above theme was tested on Freshly installed Ubuntu 13.04. You will need compiz for transparency

If you liked the theme or you are facing any issue feel free to comment below, I will be willing to help.

Please note previous comments have been deleted due to domain migration, Sorry for inconvenience!

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Init - Welcome to iCanBeACoder

Welcome to blogs of icanbeacoder.


The name iCanBeACoder, was inspiration from focuses on website design and many other design related things). I am still learning to code and will surely take a lifetime to master this art, so you may find errors, contradicting ideas in future blog posts, please let us know through comments if you have any thoughts.

The technology is evolving quickly and each day there bunch of things that keep coming in life of coders. The blog focusses on things like Trending News, Life Hacks, Scripts to automate tasks, coding conventions and science stuff that is supercool and many many other awesome stuff about coder's world.

The logo you see actually is #! in webdings font, go ahead search for it, its easy to find. is not biased, means we do not boast about any particular OS, or technologies, but we recommend Linux over other, as it is highly configurable. At least install it on Virtual Machine. Again It doesn’t matter whatever OS/technology you use, you are going to be a coder soon!

Follow us on facebook and stay connected, Subscribe below to get updated on our weekly posts,

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Inifinity Conky Theme

This is one of the most popular conky theme among linux users, and now its here, revive your desktop with infinity conky theme. you can download theme –

Download Here

Conky Theme

Theme : Infinity

Version : 1.0

Author : Harshit

Dependencies : Conky 1.8.0

Bottom Dock : Avant Window Navigator

Desktop theme : Mint-X-icons

Icon Theme : Mint-X-theme

Installation Instructions

Step 1 : Install Conky

            Ubuntu :   apt-get install conky-all

            Fedora : yum install conky

            see documentation for other distros in order to install conky

Step 2 : Extract the Infinity tar/rar file

Step 3 : change the name of conkyrc to .conkyrc

            change name of lua to .lua

            change name of conky to .conky

Step 4 : Copy these 3 files .conkyrc, .lua and .conky files to your home directory

            cp * ~/

Step 5 : Open .conkyrc and adjust the screen resolution according to your desktop

Step 6 : Also adjust haunted.lua in .lua directory according to screen resolution

Step 7 : I have also given u a file named rev-eng.psd in order to modify the background image of conky so u can adjust it too.

Step 8 : Some scripts for mem,cpu etc have been written separately . you can delete them

Step 9 : Now you are ready to run

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